Le Carnotzet

The restaurant specialty cheese Savoy and elsewhere


Welcome to the restaurant Le Carnotzet in Argentière ,
Valley of Chamonix Mont-Blanc

In Switzerland, a Carnotzet is a small cellar built the storage and wine tasting, it is also in some townships, the part of the restaurant or eat specialities like cheese fondue, raclette or the crusts cheese.


Janine and Christian, Invite you both summer and winter to discover their region and products that make its wealth, through the presentation of their establishment.

Our restaurant is opened, starting from 12:00 for the lunch and with 19:00 for the dinner.

Our accessible bar apart from these time beaches, enables you to discover our selections of cocktails, whisky and coffees alcoholic…

To go to essence, go on our page of information, if not follow us in this greedy ballade, we will make you share our passion for our trade and the products which we use.

Then good walk

Since Cheserys Lake, the view of the Aiguille Verte and the Drus are seizing.

Without your presence and your confidence, we are nothing,
your satisfaction is our reward.


Le Carnotzet 368, rue Charlet Straton 74400 Argentieère Phone : +33 (0) 450 54 19 43 info@carnotzet.com